Tobias Barduhn

Tobias Barduhn, Company Founder

I am a German who first came to Japan in 2011 and was just not satisfied with what the Japanese market had to offer whenever the cravings for real German food hit. So, after a few years I decided to take things into my own hands and founded this company.

Although our little factory is located in the picturesque and rural Kasugai in Yamanashi prefecture, we use original German recipes, herbs, spices and manufacturing methods to create products which are just as delicious as back home.


If people think about Germany,  maybe even before punctuality, high quality cars and an allegedly underdeveloped sense of humor, they think of beer, sauerkraut and -most importantly- sausages.

Although sausages are traditionally made and eaten in most European countries and have become a staple food around the world in the last few centuries, Germany can without doubt be considered the epitome of sausage variety, quality and quantity.

There are over 1500 different types of sausage in Germany alone and the average German consumes about 30 kg of sausage a year. That is half of the annually consumed total amount of meat in the form of juicy links, thinly sliced cold cuts and delicious spreads.

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Sausages in Japan


Sausage Making

This is our ever expanding portfolio of original German delicacies.
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“Grobe Bratwurst”

Coarse Pork Sausage

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“Feine Bratwurst”

Smooth Pork Sausage

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Curry Sausage

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“Rote Bratwurst (geräuchert)”

Red Sausage (smoked)

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Cheese Sausage

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“Kalter Braten”

Cold Cuts of Roast Beef and Pork

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Buns / Bread Rolls

Boulangerie ESPLAN Tsurumi

The buns that accompany our sausages are specially produced for us by the famous Yokohama Boulangerie ESPLAN.

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Our food truck can be found at various events all over the Kanto region offering freshly grilled sausages in delicious buns.

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BARDUHN ドイツ デリカテッセン

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