“Grobe Bratwurst”

Coarse Pork Sausage
Grobe Bratwurst

This is the pinnacle of original German Sausages. Simple yet sophisticated.
Fresh pork is ground coarsely, mixed with flavorful spices and herbs and filled into the casing. In Germany, you can buy these raw only the same day they are made at the butchery and then grill them to perfection at home. And for most enthusiasts, that is the only way to consume them. If the sausages are not to be sold on the same day, they will be pre-boiled and chilled and taste just as good. We do the same thing here in Japan for food safety reasons and consumer convenience.
The inspiration for this type of sausage was the famous “Thüringer Rostbratwurst” from the German state of Thüringen. As for all German sausages, there are countless variations on the basic recipe and every city, every village, even every little butcher shop has their own secrets to make their take on the recipe original and unique. So do we, of course: The spices and herbs we selected give this sausage a very distinct flavor, just like back home, that you will not find in any other product sold in Japan. It goes best with German mustard and an outside-crispy inside-fluffy bun but they can also be incorporated into a full meal if you add some baked potatoes and a salad.

“Feine Bratwurst”

Smooth Pork Sausage
Feine Bratwurst

This extremely popular type of smoothly ground sausage is sold in food stalls and at events everywhere in Germany in the millions every year. The pork is ground, mixed with spices and then chopped in a bowl cutter until it becomes a smooth paste. After adding some freshly chopped herbs, the paste is filled into the casing, links are formed and the sausages are boiled. Their savory flavor is only complete after a nice brown crust has formed from grilling. Preferably over a beech wood fire or charcoal to add that special smoky aroma but a gas grill or a fry pan will do if the former might not be available. Some people like to order theirs “well done”, which in this case means grilled until a thick, almost black crust has formed.
It is essentially impossible to go to any kind of event, may it be a fair, a carnival, a soccer game or just a neighborhood garden grill party without encountering this type of sausage. An all time favorite of old and young, this is also the sausage that is most commonly used as the basis to make “Currywurst” in the German South West. As it is so omnipresent it doesn’t really have any special name. People most often just call them “Weiße” (= white ones, as opposed to “Rote” = red ones).
One variation of this sausage recipe is the famous “Münchner Weißwurst”, which is made of veal instead of pork and contains a lot of fresh parsley as signature herb. Weißwurst is eaten with sweet brown mustard while the skin is peeled off. Also, they are only warmed up in hot water, not grilled.


Curry Sausage

Currywurst literally means curry sausage. Although it might not be well known to anyone outside of Germany, Currywurst has consistently been one of the top three most popular fast foods there since the 1950’s. Sometimes switching places with the other two: the döner kebab, which was actually invented in Germany by Turkish immigrants before it became popular in Turkey itself and around the world and the hamburger sold by infamous generic american fast food chains).
There are several variations of Currywurst, and some regions in Germany consistently fight over which one is best. For us, the southwestern German variation is the only true one. It is made by grilling a Feine Bratwurst then cutting it in slices and adding a special curry flavored sauce and some curry powder on top. Currywurst is most often accompanied by french fries or just a bun to dip into the sauce. Unlike japanese curry, the sauce is generally tomato based which gives it a uniquely fruity flavor. In Saarland, a special variety of curry sauce is popular where gravy is added to increase the umami flavors. Other variations include the addition of chili peppers to add some punch to the sauce. Some shops do this to the point where the whole thing becomes stupidly hot and neither the nuances of the base sauce nor those of the sausage can be tasted anymore. Needless to say that we do not endulge in such follies. We do however offer a hot, a fruity and a savory version of our delicious original curry sauce.

“Rote Bratwurst (geräuchert)”

Red Sausage (smoked)
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Cheese Sausage
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“Kalter Braten”

Cold Cuts of Roast Beef and Pork
Kalter Braten


Buns / Bread Rolls
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